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Addiction Counselor Substance Abuse Counselor Treatment Center Professionals Certified Twelve Step Recovery Program Drug and Alcohol CounselorsCTC™ Institute of Certified Twelve Steps Recovery and Addiction Counselors

CTC Certified 12 Step Consultant™ &
Training & Certification


These free benefits flow to reviewed, approved, and Certified applicants of The Institute of Certified 12-Step Consultants TM who are still in good standing.

  • Alliance with ICTC™ and Use of CTC™ or MCTC™ on your Resume
  • Use of our Designations after your name i.e. John Doe, CTC™
  • Signed and Sealed Certification, and Certificate for your office
  • National Registration with the Institute
  • Opportunity for Designation as a Fellow or Honorary Faculty Member of the Institute
  • Opportunity for Committee and Board Member position
  • Right to Use Credentials on Resume and Business Cards - Logos for Member Use
  • Conferences, Seminars, and Networking Event Information
  • Official Continuing Education Access
  • Take The CTC Exam| Read Requirements and Apply

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