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Welcome to the Web Site for Professionals who seek a higher understanding of recovery and 12 step philosophy.

The Institute of Certified Twelve Step Consultants ™, CTC, is an association and Graduate Institute of Chemical Dependency Counselors, Social Workers, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselors, Ministers, Clergy, MD's, Addictionologists, Nurses, Employee Assistant Professionals, Teachers, School Counselors, Personal and Business Coaches and other  professionals working in the field of addiction recovery. If you desire to be recognized by our organization and improve your education, resume, and credentials then you are taking the best step to a better professional career. CTC™ is a symbol of excellence and recognized in our 12 Step community. Read Requirements for Certification

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The CTC™ is organized and run by professionals. Our organization recognizes those who do or do not have 12 step expertise, attend or attended meetings, those who have taken courses and conferences focusing on the therapeutic use of the 12 steps, and accumulated specific on-the-job experience. CTC™ certifications are intended for those professionals who already have self-mastery in the 12 step philosophy or who are just getting into the field and desire to help facilitate others using the 12-steps and desire a professional designation. Read Requirements, Take Exam, Apply

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